And also I won't talk about PvP in this guide. Condensed Red Potion: 1 Red Potion 1 Cactus Needle 1 Empty Test Tube Condensed Yellow Potion: 1 Yellow Potion 1 Mole Whiskers 1 Empty Test Tube Condensed White Potion: 1 White Potion 1 Witch Starsand 1 Empty Test Tube: Item Script {},{},{} The MATK part is affected for status MATK, equip MATKm weapon MATK and directly reduced for Hard MDEF. If you haven't read our server's I strongly Recommend you reading it as it contains a lot of interesting information pretty much Everything. Except for the Elemental Potion Creation Guide, which is obtained through a quest. Well then my guide finishes here, thank you for reading! Crazy Weed is a Targeted AoE Skill that summons Vines on the ground and it consumes a Thorn Plant Seed. Normal consumable. The K number is a constant that modify the damage of the skill, but your valour exact is unknow (around 10 - 19). Not to mention, faceworm skin generally come refined pretty highly, so you can find +8-9-10 much cheaper than you'd find other garments, making for a lovely choice to card in a Chung-E Card. As of the 4/2/2013 patch: Potion Pitcher level 4 can be used to restore HP and consumes a  White Potion per cast. Type: Healing Item: Class: n/a: Buy: 1650z: Sell: 825z: Weight: 5: Description: A condensed White Potion. Added End Game Gears in Builds and Gameplay Section. Hell's Plant is a skill that let's you summon a Hell's Plant on the ground and it consumes a Plant Bottle. It also works well with Anodyne for extra survive ability when mobbing a lot like when doing Faceworm Nest Instance. There are several usable items you'll be able to create through the skill Pharmacy.Some skills could be Potions, Glistering Coats, Resistant Potions, and other lovely items! This skill deals a fixed damage to the target and also let's you regain some HP. Filir: You might want to choose a Filir to copy-cat Mawile and his Filir-Eira, you're just basically going to spam S.B.R.44 with Eira because she's able to farm intimacy easily. In Basic Behavior tab, you will see Attack, React and Snipe with different level of priority ( low, medium, high ). Effect of restorative potions is improved by 14% Max Level: 10 Spammable skills resulting into a quick target elimination, Fast Homunculus to level due to having a lot of AoE, Can knockback and stun by a chance a target with, Owner must buy a lot of food to compensate, Dieter must be level 150 to maximize the effect of. Eira: You might want an Eira for her Over Boost which makes your ASPD fixed at 189 and your Flee by 500 which is really really useful when Spamming Pharmacy or when you have reached the instant cast time and spam Cart Cannon as if you were a machine gun, no seriously look how Mawile do it in this video. If Creation > Difficulty by at least 100, creates 4 potions below the maximum allowed. ID:1 is the ID of the potion effect. The basic damage formula is [{( Cart Remodeling Skill Level * 50 ) * ( INT / 40 )} + ( Cart Cannon Skill Level * 60 )] % ATK Type @hominfo to check the intimacy points that your homunculus has. Now I … This should be enough to get you Job Level 50. Head back to Orc Dungeon and continue killing Orcs until you're level 71. Juperos Dungeon 01: This is where I used to farm Zeny and Level Up my Homunculuses. A list of which can be found here. Just continue doing some other quests and Gramps and you'll be 99/70 in no time. Success Rate = (Lvl of Potion Research) + (Lvl of Prepare Potion * 3) + (Lvl of Instruction Change) + (Job Lvl × 0.2) + (DEX × 0.1) + (LUK × 0.1) + (INT × 0.05) + (Potion Rate %) -iROwiki. I recommend Dual Clienting with a Hunter Class when leveling until you get Genetic Job with Cart Cannon. condensed white potion ragnarok mobile, White Mage, a Dragoon and a Dark Knight, and the town of Mysidia is populated mostly by Black and White Mages. So I just recently used a respec potion to get rid of sun & stars and replaced it with just one slot put into Acquired Tolerance, boosting me up to a whopping 165 tolerance level. [QUESTION] How is Battle Saint compared to Agi Crit Rune Master for PvE? I HIGHLY RECCOMEND that you don't AFK in these areas when you level your homunculus, because first of all, the mobs doesn't spawn in a FIXED AREA, and you can die in here if you're pretty weak. Stats and Poor Man's Equipment are pretty much the same with Cart Cannon Build. 5 Sec Cooldown Restores 600 Health. Potion Database & Calculator. Ragial is a Ragnarok Online fan site that offers real time market information, server population, price history, and merchant vend history. White Potion: Description A highly-concentrated potion made out of red herbs. This thread is archived. Item Database > Condensed White Potion Condensed White Potion. Check out Mawile's Ghost Palace Video Guide. All the other tabs should be self-explanatory but feel free to ask if you're confused. If Creation < Difficulty, creates 6 potions below the maximum allowed. To begin with, the Alchemist Class is the class that regroups Alchemists, Biochemists and Geneticists. I qualify the Geneticists as a Swiss Knife, since they can almost do everything. Mawile also suggest Genetics to take advantage of the Faceworm Nest Instance and try to get a  Giant Snake Skin as it can potentially gives +18 LUK and also is also slotted! It one shots mobs.. That's all it does.. Once you've done that, continue leveling till you reach level 91, from that point try searching for a Party for Gramps Quests 85-115. This subreddit is everything catered to Ragnarok Mobile. They are ranged and melee, they can be tanky, they can deal tons of damage, they can support their allies very well, they can create powerful pets ( homunculi ),they are one of the best classes to kill MVPs, they run really really fast, they can create potions and other stuffs and they can also cook ! If Creation < Difficulty by 50+, no dishes are prepared. And inside that folder you will find lots of LUA files, It's basically the different part of  the "Brain" of your Homunculus. It's best to swallow it down in one gulp. So head to Mawile's Genetic Guidefor PvP contents Did some Endless Tower run and killed MVPs with people to get levels. Thorn Wall is a skill that allows to create a circular thorn barrier on the target and it consumes a Thorn Plant Seed. [SCREENSHOT/MEDIA] RO 2.0: Ninja + Slayers Teaser Video, [Question] Just a stupid question about daily quests, [job question] Help Needed. Dieter: You might want a Dieter if you want to deal more damage with Acid Demonstration or with Cart Cannon because Pyroclastic gives a massive +200 ATK at max level. Job change into a Geneticist upon reaching 99/70 Biochemist.

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