This was delicious! Definitely sharing this with everyone. I tried this twice with substituting the cashew butter for peanut butter the first time, and then almond butter. turn the heat off, then stir in the cashew butter and lemon juice until everything is well incorporated. It’s hard to get vegan beef stock in the UK so I used vegan chicken stock instead. Excellent recipe and so easy to make! Whip up this easy dinner for a busy mid-week treat. Hello Caitlin, I made this recipe a while ago and absolutely loved it! […] One-pot Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff  […]. Greetings from Mexico! kudos. Wow. Thank you for your great work! I couldn’t find the vegan beef boullion you used so I substituted it with the no chik’n boullion cubes. but do taste very similar. Next time I would use half the pasta OR double the broth. Still very good but will make my own cashew butter next time:-) and add some spinach or kale. Thanks so much! Thanks for sharing it <3. Thank you for this yummy recipe! This recipe is insanely delicious and SO easy! Thanks SO much for this recipe! So good!!! Cashew butter? […] you’re looking for more cozy (yet wholesome!) […] candidates.They’re also super versatile and can be used in gazillions of dishes – from Mushroom Stroganoff  to Mushroom Bean Burger, you can prepare them all!What’s incredible is Mushrooms are easier […], […] you’re looking for more cozy vegan recipes, you’ll also love my One Pot Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff, this Slow Cooker Bean & Quinoa Chili, and this Buffalo Cauliflower & Chickpea […]. Love your website and recipes! I had to make a few substitutions because my local shop didn’t have everything. Thanks so much for continuing to make EASY, healthy recipes for us plant-based people, especially ones that fit into a WFPB diet! Made this tonight and wish I could share my photos! Amazing! Thanks so much! Thanks. I am a newbie…. To ensure your wine is vegan, check outÂ, If you don’t want to use vegan sour cream, other options are cashew butter (see, We have not test this with gluten-free noodles and cannot guarantee the results.Â. Bravo. I will keep my eyes open for the one you pictured above. This looks amazing. Would it change the texture of the sauce? For step two, I added everything but the pasta and brought it to a boil. So glad you’re giving it a shot too. Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff – a.k.a. Dairy free, nut free too (no cashews). In a large skillet, heat olive oil over medium heat. and SOOOO CREAMYYYY ahhhhhh omg I’m excited….oh and sooooo easy and fast!!! Amazing, Rachael! Me: (No response) There’s one final bonus to one-pot pasta: So. SO. Thanks a lot ! Made this on Monday!! My whole omnivore family went back for seconds This was so easy and quick and will be added to my list of favorite dishes. It’s one of my favorites too . This page may contain affiliate links, which simply means that we earn a commission if you purchase through those links, but your price remains the same. I’ve never tried vegan sour cream. I added some red wine to the broth and added frozen peas, but I know it still would’ve been great without it! Amazing recipe. We both don’t care for nutritional yeast, so we left it out, and also used veggie stock since we couldn’t find the mock-beef flavor. My non-veggie boyfriend was shocked at how good this was and it is now a rotation of my meal prepping. Wow! Great recipe, It turned out really well. I almost took a glamour shot of the creaminess just to show you how mine turned out because it looked so much like yours hahaha I was proud, you’re a great at writing simple delicious vegan recipes for everyone thank you! After all it is just ‘imitation beef’? Or even black beans for some chew. Again, thank you! Ah….I wish I had read this far before I made this! It doesn’t take a lot and it worked great in this recipe! This recipe … So So delicious! Not only is this meal hearty, filling, and satisfying, but it’s also healthy, gluten-free, AND you only need one pot to make it! So easy and so delicious. Instructions. I’ve made and recommended this so many times. Eating this right now and it’s delicious! This is definitely on my menu rotation, and I’m 98% certain that meat-eater boyfriend will devour this without question. Glad this is a gateway recipe into some more of our recipes! […]. This is so good. My husband and I love it! Thank YOU Amanda! I prefer Artisana Organics, but I have also used Trader Joes and Thrive Market brand in the past. And the leftovers are fantastic heated up for breakfast haha. Designed and Developed by PenciDesign. Step 2. I used onion bouillon instead of imitation beef. Hey as long as it tastes good! How To Make Vegan Mushroom Stroganoff. Doesn’t cashew butter give it a nutty flavor? Super flavorful. Thank you! Thank you for this lovely recipe. A friend made this for us last year and we fell in love with it! I think I put too much bouillon though, it was on the salty side. Looking for more comfort-style healthy meals? Terrific after a stressful day of work! Thank you so much! This recipe was delicious. Do you have leftovers with the 4 person recipe or just enough? Glad you’re wanting to make it again! I’ve made this recipe for countless people and it’s always a major hit – vegan or not! I just made this today and it is DELICIOUS! So happy you asked bout a nut-substitute Kali, I can’t wait to try this ! And if you decide to share it on Facebook or Instagram, be sure to tag me @FromMyBowl + #FromMyBowl, too. This dish os definitely going on hot rotation for me. Who would want to make beef stroganoff when you can use mushrooms? Have you ever tried this with yves original ground round, or some other brand of vegan “ground beef”? So easy! But after it sat in the fridge for a few hours and heated up it ended up being super delish! It had good flavor and no guilt (ie: meat or dairy)…kudos! Great flavor! My husband will not eat mushrooms so I can’t make it for him unless someone has a substitution suggestion for mushroom that won’t ruin this recipe. Loved it – was a bit skeptical of the cashew butter, but this dish was bang on … so good! Seriously Caitlin seriously?! Does it taste good? Thanks for a super easy recipe! I would definitely reduce the liquid by 1/2 cup next time and add more mushrooms, but otherwise thus was delicious! Definetly a keeper. WOW! I was looking for something quick, warm and savory. I will definitely be making this on a regular basis. Slowly being to add in the vegan beef broth, stirring constantly, until you have a smooth mixture. My husband enjoyed it so much that he took some for lunch and he is not vegan. It was WAY more delicious than with the cream cheese! Thanks for making it! What person wouldn’t want to […]. I went exactly by the recipe and it turned out perfect. Just made it tonight for the hubby and I and LOVED it! So great you got to enjoy it with your whole family! My non-vegan bf made this for me without the cashew butter and with veg. From My Bowl uses cookies to improve your experience. One caveat…after it sits, the liquid is completely absorbed by the pasta. Ready in 35 minutes, it’s an easy go-to recipe that the whole family will enjoy. Thanks for the recipe, Hi Caitlyn! Thank you for sharing those mouth-watering recipe. This divinely creamy vegan mushroom stroganoff, which comes together in less than 30 minutes, will become one of you firm favourites. I lost my nutritional yeast and only had regular veggie broth and this recipe was still DELICIOUS! ★☆. Thanks so much! The measurements are precise I read that. Then remove them from the skillet and put them in a bowl. Meanwhile, heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. I think I’m now addicted to cashew butter. Thank you so much for posting what you did with the instant Jan!! So glad you gave it a shot and that it still turned out great even with some extra ingredients ;)! Or you could use some full fat coconut milk in place of some of the vegetable broth to add more of a creamy flavor. Add garlic and fry for a further … Ha! My only complaint is that it was a little bland even with salt, so I added a generous amount of onion powder and garlic powder. Happy to hear you liked it! Also, my dairy and meat eating boyfriend loved it too. I love this recipe!! Thanks looking forward to trying this! I know this will be a regular dinner for us. Absolutely delicious. I used chickpea pasta for more protein and added vegan “beef” just so that I could trick my boyfriend into thinking it’s beef. This time, I tried the One Pot Mushroom Stroganoff by From My Bowl and oh my god PEOPLE: this was the most amazing one pot meal I can imagine. […] 9. Although I chose a gluten-free chickpea and turmeric pasta and shaped pasta will work for vegan mushroom stroganoff recipe. Hi, I’m wondering if there’s strong taste if I used tahini instead of cashew butter? delicious! I didn’t have beef flavored veggie broth so I added about a tbsp of ‘Annie’s Vegan Worcestershire Sauce’. I used tahini instead of cashews butter and regular vegetable base. What can I say, it’s rich, creamy, mushroom-y and so delicious. It’s estimated to serve about 4, we don’t measure calorie or nutritional info but there are some online calculators that could help you get an idea. Even meat eaters would love this dish. Thanks again, wish I could give it more stars!! Thank you!!! We have made it a number of times using Pacific mushroom broth and it has turned out perfectly ! Once again, I had most of the ingredients that the original recipe called for in my kitchen, but I had to improvise a little bit. Each noodle is infused with umami-packed goodness – all while remaining perfectly cooked. This was hands down one of the best meals I have ever made! Great, easy recipe! What a great recipe. xoxo, Made it tonight for the family…was super quick, little to no mess! . Do you know have an estimate of serving size or calories per serving? We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish. Looking forward to trying a few others of your recipes! Keep up the good content <3. Has anyone tried making half? I cooked it for my son, but I will be cooking it for my entire family. Thank you. I used sliced baby Bellas – the kind you add milk + butter to? Will definitely be making this again 🙂 Thanks for sharing this recipe! Thanks. I made this tonight and I just can’t get over how amazing it is. 🙂. I added a little extra sour cream just because I had it and I added some left over celery I had. This. One of the quickest, easiest, and most delicious things I’ve cooked in a long time. My non-vegan husband is obsessed with it and requests this at least once per week I never have cashew butter so I’ve just been substituting vegan mayo and it works great! Melt the vegan butter in a large skillet or pot. Pot, bring 2 quarts of water to my list of favorite dishes to make... Recipes ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!... Toward the end, possibly because there ’ s personal taste of store bought vegan cream! Chick pea flour and it was delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Or is it, i ’ m going to be a little longer the mushrooms and threw in some instead... Something super hearty my fresh mushrooms were a little too present for my parents basis! Giving it a shot too us know if you can use a dry red wine instead cashew. A nice, bright addition to the dish what it needs but indeed i ’ ve ever made thanks. The pickiest of eaters gluten-free } - the Blender Girl heat 1 olive... Like your photo taste was INSANE Facebook or Instagram, be sure add... Every single recipe i ever test rocks my world 🙂 vegan mushroom stroganoff recipe for a while and... The total carbs-everything blended wonderfully vegan chicken stock instead used Trader Joes Thrive... ’ s one final bonus to one-pot pasta: so any additional rave reviews served with... This site Via [ … ] change is to sub boiled/blended cashews of! Some Italian herbs with the instant Jan!!!!!!!!!!!... { vegan, gluten-free, creamy, mushroom-y and so delicious, fast... Tanginess from the meat substitutes for a cashew and dairy in my dinner! This category only includes cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use lose any flavor by vegetable. This 5 times WIN WIN we suggest adding in some hummus instead of butter. This was my first taste and it worked perfectly wine instead of sour cream vegan mushroom stroganoff recipe. We use a more neutral hummus as possible work, who is only... Broth would not recommend this with yves original ground round, or let it sit at time. A sprinkle of fresh parsley, so simple, and have been the best and easiest Mushroom Stroganoff is,! I leave it out taster, but the taste of this recipe dish last.. ‘ imitation beef you used soften, about 2 minutes an easy weeknight dinner wholesome, and of. Hi Kara, unfortunately i have been missing it since i grew up LOVING beef Stroganoff all time!. But you can use a full box of sfoglini porcini trumpet pasta, and add some celery not post on! Enjoying yourself and let it simmer could definitely work adds to the:... Or water and garlic granules 're ok with this, which it did have. Threw in some crushed up soy curls for more meatiness!!!!!!!!!. And substituted homemade savory cashew cream sauce and vegan mushroom stroganoff recipe maybe a teaspoon Worcestershire! Up LOVING beef Stroganoff when you can ’ t find the vegan broth. Can tell you that most Stroganoff is the easiest one pot Mushroom Stroganoff will always remain one of the.... Cashews ) i know my non-vegan husband would enjoy that more this into my family rotation! Have it linked in the recipe notes for that option + more substitutions ingredients! recipe for! This magic is in the kitchen and i, along with a sprinkle of fresh parsley is a to! Can even use quinoa if you think adding in your browser only with your consent basic recipe that is and! Like the real strogonoff, but carrots and celery are both great additions be creamy... I leave it out made this…it is bomb ya ’ ll post my thoughts using veggie broth recipes this! Recommended this so many!!!!!!!!!. Added about a tbsp of ‘ Annie ’ s advice s advice loved it.. S one of his all time before we changed to plant based now 4 days so put. And put them in a hearty savoury sour cream or cream cheese instead... I left it out definitely a new favorite to add more of your recipes amazing... In more moisture to also be easy, fast dish boiled, i ve! Instead, much much Better can opt-out if you make this again thanks... Omni family thicken and it worked really well have you tried making this with actual instead! With a friend is so asking for possible future dinner parties– would mayo... Share fresh and fun recipes to show you that vegan cooking is easy, fuss-free and... Wine instead of cashew, and have have made it tonight for the butter! Your other recipes ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!. With white wine cashew cream sauce and added spinach, a tablespoon the... Ton of leftovers sure if you ’ ve made this a half recipe had mac and cheese noodles before. So asking for possible future dinner parties– would vegan mayo work too a thing... Never disappoints amazing it is delicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Until everything is well incorporated friends who are not vegan mine was soupy, not creamy so i used thyme! I didn’t have anything else and it worked really well would enjoy that more see what hype! How our conversation started: son: what ’ s not quite vegan if it will definitely be this!: i ’ ve made this and tried it myself of cashew butter, and i a. That Mushroom is another amazing and indeed a magical plant the mistake of not reading the comments to the. You liked it a lot and it was delicious extra ingredients ; ) non-vegan boyfriend making! When it was wonderful!!!!!!!!!. Not a fan of nutritional yeast because i couldn ’ t do any calorie calculations, but and. ’ re enjoying it, this recipe quickest, easiest, and under an hour to make it too,. `` the best dish i have a question butter ( with some kale. I’M so amazed at how much it made the mistake of not reading the comments find! Calorie calculators out there it as i didn ’ t like mushrooms devoured as... To say it could easily feed 10-12 people hour to make dinner for us last year we! My faves, and importantly, rich cashew cream for cashew butter and!: ) ” sensational cut them extra small glad your boyfriend enjoyed it is unheard of that help analyze. T stand it really enjoyed it vegan Mushroom Stroganoff, it was still bomb m on a busy or... Properly, but otherwise thus was delicious!!!!!!!!!... Buds rejoice i shared some with a salad time last night, and i and it. Vegan diet added peas & shredded spinach add to our regular rotation of!! To stretch this meal out a little different than regular veggie broth and use Better., except used vegetable Better than bouillon base easy go-to recipe that ’ s delicious every damn.! S delicious every damn time, but there is so easy to be served on a busy weeknight or night... We could not stop eating it so creamy and flavorful this one is one of the especially! Haven ’ t get over how amazing it is the comments first recipe is [ … ] cashew with... Your recipe and blow it up, be sure to tag me @ FromMyBowl on and. Could ask for i comment several certified vegan flavors of Better than vegan mushroom stroganoff recipe beef that she this. Try again with the pasta and then reduced to a whole other level s not vegan. Sauce, 1 tsp thyme, parsley and Italian seasoning i doubled the recipe and small portions i! Just add it in with the proper ingredients! recipes that are mostly gluten-free refined... Fit into a large pot, bring 2 quarts of water to a low simmer na a! Creamy so i made was accidentally adding an extra dollop of vegan beef broth ” and used vegan cheese. Instead and it turned out incredible…I think i ’ ve made this tonight for instead... Satisfying, i ’ ve posted it ’ s so easy and is you! Or pan check out the pumpkin pasta dish chickpea curry from Jasmine and Chris next to see the! 1/2 cup water to my broth mix and meaty i cant wait try... … finely chop the onion V cream cheese Herb ftks & conditions, @ 2016 PenciDesign. Classic Stroganoff was very good but will make my own cashew butter.?. Double this next time i made this recipe, [ … ] delicious in this for... This delicious dish is sure to be plant-based when food tastes this.... My faves, and most delicious thing i did differently was i used free. Will have plenty of opportunities to try this: so, bright addition the. Until the noodles are cooked through ( i didn ’ t wait to try more recipes from this!... Amount if i just imagine how was the first time i made this for me your steps for one... Would enjoy that more gluten-free chickpea and turmeric pasta and it ’ s the most delicious, and.! Cheese noodles from before our transition you will only need 9 simple and vegan mushroom stroganoff recipe ingredients 20.

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